Discover the finalists' shortlist for our 4 Awards

Once again, this year, we were overwhelmed with an impressive array of high-quality applications. The selection process proved to be quite challenging, but it is with great enthusiasm that we unveil the fortunate finalists. Our esteemed panel of multidisciplinary and independent jurors will now undertake the task of meticulously evaluating this shortlist to determine the ultimate winners in each Award category.
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Belgium’s Cyber Security Awards programme rewards different types of personalities who make a significant contribution to improving cyber resilience in Belgium

For this third edition, we will introduce three new awards.

Cyber Security Personality of the Year

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CISO - Chief Information Security Officer of the Year

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Cyber Security Educator / Researcher of the Year

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Young Cyber Security Professional of the Year

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Created to honour excellence, innovation and leadership
in cyber security in Belgium

The Cyber Security Awards Winners will get:


The award trophies will be handed over in the presence of Minister Van Quickenborne


Custom-made winner's digital badge to put on your social media


Winner's interview recorded and promoted on the Coalition's social media and annual Gazette 2023


A personalized gift worth € 1,000

Showcase your unique talents and your contributions to the cyber security industry

Participation in the Belgium’s Cyber Security Awards programme is a great opportunity for you and your team to get recognized for excellence, innovation and leadership, and to showcase your unique capabilities and contributions to the cyber security ecosystem.
Have you made a contribution in one or more of the following areas:
  • Contribution to the cyber resilience of the Belgium’s/European economy
  • Contribution to the awareness of the public
  • Contribution to the skills and diversity gap
  • Contribution to the cyber security ecosystem
  • Contribution to academia and research
  • Contribution to educational and skilling activities
  • Achievements in your current role as CISO or (young) cyber security professional
Discover the criteria for each award
  • 01

    JUN 01 - OCT 06

    You can apply for one or more awards by filling out the appropriate application form. You can also nominate a person for one or more awards by filling out the nomination form. You can also help us promoting the awards campaign by sharing our social media posts on your own channels. We expect to receive all applications on Friday, October 6th, at 11:00 PM.

  • 02

    OCT 10

    Award winners and finalists will be selected primarily based on the strength of their application. For each award category we have defined a 3 to 4-pillar scoring system. Except for the CISO award, you must excel in one of the pillars as a minimum. Please, make sure to provide sufficient information to support your application in the selected award category. There will be a shortlist of 5 finalists for each award category (in total 20 finalists).

  • 03
    Jury selection

    NOV 10

    A multidisciplinary and independent jury will review the top 20 applications and make the final decision about who is the winner for each award category. The discussion among the jurors is crucial to maintaining a fair process. The open nature of the selection shall ensure that the winners are chosen on merit alone.

  • 04
    Awards ceremony

    DEC 06

    The Belgium’s Cyber Security trophies will be handed over to the winners during a Gala dinner in the Africa Palace in Tervuren on December 6th. Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne has already confirmed his attendance.


What are Belgium’s Cyber Security Awards?

The awards recognize and celebrate the achievements and amazing endeavours of Belgium-based cyber security experts and enthusiasts working to improve the country’s cyber security posture. The awards programme is organized by the Belgian Cyber Security Coalition.

What Cyber Security Awards are available?

The following awards will be presented on December 6th:

  • The Cyber Security Personality of the Year
  • The CISO of the Year
  • The Young Cyber Security Professional of the Year
  • The Cyber Security Educator or Researcher of the Year

Click here to learn more about the Cyber Security Awards categories. For each award category we have described the profiles that fit within the category.

If you cannot find the right category for your profession, contact the Coalition Task Force for support: [email protected].

Who can apply?

  • The application process is open to all cyber security enthusiasts and professionals. You do not have to be a member of the Cyber Security Coalition to apply.
  • Individuals can be from the public, private or academic sectors and must be based in Belgium.
  • Individuals must have contributed to the country’s information security industry, shown tremendous professional growth and achievement, and promoted strong and innovative security practices in the last 24 months.
  • Applicants who participated last year, can resubmit their application possibly supplemented by new achievements.
  • If you work for an organization that is successful all over Europe, but boasts only a small market share in Belgium, you should not hesitate to apply.
  • An age limit of 30 years has been set for the Young Cyber Security Professional of the Year Award. Any person based in Belgium born in 1993 or later can apply for this award.
  • The application process is free of charge.

What information do I need to submit in my application?

  • For each award category there is a specific application form.
  • The form is in English, French or Dutch. You can choose in which language you want to submit your application.
  • You can fill out the application online or download the form and send it to [email protected].
  • All fields related to Applicant & Employer Information in the application form are mandatory.
  • Depending on the award category, you must describe your contributions in at least one or all areas mentioned in the application form.
  • Try to be concise and highlight your achievements in maximum 5,000 characters. Emphasize why your application deserves recognition. The strength of your application is most important in determining award winners. Add examples of how your achievements impact the cyber security industry/ ecosystem in the specific award category.
  • You will receive an acknowledgement upon receipt of your application.

How can I edit my application after it has been submitted?

  • Until the deadline of October 6th (11:00 PM) it is possible to edit and change your application. You can do so by sending an amended version to [email protected]. The Task Force will only consider the last version of your application. Please, use version control by including the date in your file name.
  • Additional information submitted after the deadline will be conveyed to the jury if you are selected as one of the finalists. However, the jury is not obliged to take it into account.

How many different nominations can I submit?

  • There is no limit on the number of nominations you can submit.
  • The nominations can be made across all awards categories.
  • You can nominate the same person in different award categories.
  • However, due to the nature of the selection process, entry is by application only. Your nominee will still have to complete the appropriate application form.
  • The ultimate deadline for nominations is September 30th, but practically you should submit your nomination much earlier enabling the nominee to submit his/her application.
  • You can submit your nomination using the appropriate nomination form. It will not take much of your time.
  • You will get an acknowledgement of receipt from the Coalition Task Force, which will contact the nominee. Therefore, it is important to add the latter’s contact details to facilitate this process.
  • We do not charge a nomination fee.

Who is on the jury?

The assessment process is independent and open. All jurors have been chosen for their varied backgrounds and achievements within the industry and emanate from the three sectors (private, academic, public). The jury is multidisciplinary and discussion among jurors is crucial to maintaining a fair process. The open nature of the selection shall ensure integrity of the awards, with the winners being chosen on merit only. We refer to the code of conduct for jurors page.

How are the awards finalists and winners selected?

Here is a brief overview of the awards process. The awards programme first selects 5 finalists for each award category. Each cyber security professional will be assessed using 4 criteria, which differ depending on the award. For most awards the applicant should demonstrate outstanding achievements in at least one of the 4 domains. It is not required to excel in all domains. Only for the CISO we require achievements across the 4 domains. For the Young Cyber Security Professional of the Year, the scoring is based on 3 criteria.

Award winners are determined by the strength of their application and the provided information. Additional information submitted by the finalist after the deadline will be conveyed to the jury by the Coalition Task Force but the jury is not obliged to take it into account.

The winners in each category are selected from the group of shortlisted finalists using the same criteria as outlined on the selection criteria page. We acknowledge that Educator and Researcher are two distinct profiles. Eventually the jury will select either a Researcher or an Educator of the Year. The jury can switch a finalist from one award category to another award category.

When and how are the winners and finalists announced and what is part of the award package?

  • The finalists will be published on the Cyber Security Awards website of the Cyber Security Coalition on October 11th.
  • The winners will be announced during the Gala dinner on December 6th and be published on the Cyber Security Awards website on December 7th.
  • The winners will receive a trophy as well as a gift of an amount of EUR 1,000.
  • Winners and finalists will receive a certificate and a digital award badge to display on their social media.
  • The Cyber Security Coalition will also announce the finalists and winners on its LinkedIn & Twitter accounts.
  • A press release will be sent out on December 6th.
  • The winners will be invited for an interview to be published in the Coalition Gazette 2023 (release in January 2024).

Where will the awards ceremony take place?

The awards ceremony will be held on December 6th, 2023 as from 6:00 PM in the Africa Palace in Tervuren. The Cyber Security Coalition has entered into a partnership with TMAB for the organization of this Gala dinner. Organizations can sponsor the awards programme by booking a table at the Gala dinner.

Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne has confirmed his attendance.

TMAB is not involved in the awards decision making process.

There is no streaming of the Gala dinner.

Who organizes this awards programme and why?

This awards programme is organized by the Belgian Cyber Security Coalition and supported by Nviso and ISACA Belgium. The goal is twofold. Firstly, to highlight the importance of the professionals driving cyber security. Secondly, to showcase role models and inspiring achievements.

What are the terms and conditions?

We refer to our terms and conditions page.

Who should I contact if I have any questions?

Please, contact the Coalition Task Force with any questions or suggestions at [email protected].

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