Mrs. Rosanna Kurrer, Co-founder and Managing Director of CyberWayFinder, is the Cyber Security Personality of the Year 2021. The jury was impressed by the innovative and ground-breaking way in which Rosanna, with the CyberWayFinder programme, is trying to remedy the cyber skills shortage. CyberWayFinder has pioneered a fast-track methodology to place motivated staff directly into cyber defense positions in Belgium.

By growing these resources’ confidence and skills in cybersecurity, CyberWayFinder has alleviated the skills and diversity gap and contributed to the sustainability of many companies and public administrations that have hired or sponsored graduates to the programme. The jury was particularly impressed by the actions taken by Rosanna and CyberWayFinder to encourage (young) woman to consider taking jobs in cyber security, and to prepare them for and accompany them during this transition. In this regard, Mrs. Kurrer’s programme uniquely contributes to the reduction of two persistent problems: a shortage of skilled specialists in cyber security, and the gender gap in tech.

By participating in the public debate CyberWayFinder has shown the pathways to and availability of careers in cybersecurity to those who would otherwise probably not have considered such move. With this award we recognize Rosanna’s unique and untiring contribution in inspiring her own supporters and champions as well as the tangible benefits received by the Belgian cybersecurity ecosystem thanks to her efforts. Rosanna excelled in all four pillars and came out on top. Our sincere congratulations. We look forward to seeing more work from Rosanna and her team in the future.