Brussels, 6 December 2023 – The Belgium Cyber Security Awards 2023, a pinnacle event recognizing excellence and innovation in the realm of cybersecurity, proudly unveils this year’s distinguished winners. Showcasing exceptional dedication, pioneering approaches, and unwavering commitment to fortifying digital landscapes, these recipients have set a new standard for cyber resilience and innovation in Belgium.

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The winners for the Belgium Cyber Security Awards 2023 are:

Miguel’s exemplary leadership, coupled with exceptional organizational prowess, is evident in his substantial achievements spearheading the Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium. His profound impact on both the Belgian economy and society, shielding them from cybersecurity threats, is nothing short of remarkable. Belgium’s ascent to the top position on the EU Cybersecurity index stands as a testament to Miguel and the Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium’s relentless efforts, underscoring their pivotal role in fortifying the nation’s cybersecurity landscape.

Miguel De Bruycker

Managing Director General


Siska’s resilience in transitioning careers after a challenging experience reflects an incredible feat, showcasing perseverance and determination. As an influential role model, she shatters stereotypes, emphasizing the substantial contributions that employees with a long service record bring to the economy. Her thoughtful pivot to the role of a CISO demonstrates strategic foresight and adaptability. Operating in the demanding landscape of CISO as a Service, she navigates complexities far beyond those encountered in a traditional company-based CISO role. Her selection as the best candidate underscores her exceptional skill set, making her a standout in the field of cybersecurity leadership.

Siska Hallemeesch

Information Security Consultant active as a CISO as a Service


Kurt’s establishment of a robust organization at Howest, solidifying its position within the field, was lauded by the jury. His extensive efforts towards transforming the education system were commendable, notably in attracting young minds to the cybersecurity domain. His pivotal role in putting Howest on the map resonated strongly, evident in other educational institutions emulating his successful approach, ultimately contributing to a positive shift in the landscape of cybersecurity education across high schools and universities.

Kurt Callewaert

Valorisatiemanager Digitale Transformatie


Inti’s substantial impact on the Flemish security landscape reverberated strongly among jurors, acknowledging his tireless efforts to redefine ethical hacking, transforming its perception from a potentially criminal act to a legitimate pursuit. His remarkable ability to unite and network individuals stood out, positioning him as an exemplary role model in the industry. Inti’s extensive and impressive CV spoke volumes about his expertise. Dynamic, sharp, and remarkably original, his perspective on security, emphasizing the attacker’s angle, showcased a distinctive approach rarely witnessed in the field.

Inti De Ceukelaire

Chief Hacker Officer