Egide Nzabonimana
President ISACA Belgian Chapter

Egide Nzabonimana is the current President of the Belgian chapter of  ISACA.  Focusing  on  IT  security  management,  assurance,  risk  and  governance,  ISACA  globally  serves  150,000  professionals  in  188  countries.  And  with  more  than  800  members,  the  Belgium  chapter  is  one  of  the  largest  in  Europe.  Having  over a decade of experience as well as a master’s degree  in  Information  Risks  and  Cybersecurity  from Solvay Business School, Egide is well versed in   various   areas   of   cybersecurity,   including   business    risk    assessment    and    information    management.   As   a   cybersecurity   consultant,   he    helps    businesses    to    identify    potential    weaknesses  and  blind  spots,  so  they  can  make  their IT systems more secure and more resilient –  not  just  through  technological  solutions,  but also by considering the one element that is often overlooked:  people.  Making  staff  more  aware of  the  risks  and  dangers,  and  changing  their  behaviour,   constitutes   a   major   step   towards   achieving  improvements  in  cybersecurity  in  a  more robust and sustainable way.

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