Bart Steukers
CEO at Agoria

After an international career with IBM and Unisys, Bart Steukers has been CEO of Agoria since April 2021.  Agoria, the Belgian federation of the technology industry, brings together more than 2000 technology companies and all those who are inspired by technology. With more than 321.000 employees, the technology sector is the largest sector in Belgium. Bart has a passion for skills & talent and believes Belgian technology industry is a catalyst for the Green Transformation within Europe.

Amongst others, Bart is a Board member of  VBO/FEB, VDAB, The Cyber Security Coalition & Orgalim. He is co-founder of BeCentral and a volunteer of The Climate Reality Project.

I am a passionate believer in the human potential to use technology to shape the world for more prosperity and greater well-being in a healthy environment – with a strong focus on developing digital skills & competences for all, and accelerating entrepreneurial innovation in EU/BE.

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