2022 Jury


Jan De Blauwe
Chair of Belgium’s Cyber Security Coalition

Managing Director & COO at NVISO

Private sector

Stijn Bijnens
CEO at Cegeka

IT Person of the Year 2022

Bart Steukers
CEO at Agoria

Karel De Kneef
Chief Security Officer at SWIFT

Rosanna Kurrer
Cofounder & Managing Director at CyberWayFinder

Cyber Personality of the Year 2021

Public sector

Séverine Waterbley
President FPS Economy, SMEs, Middle-Classes & Energy

Ken Ducatel
Director (retired) at European Commission - DG DIGIT

Finalist Cyber Personality of the Year 2021

Academic sector

Axel Legay
Professor at UCLouvain

Coordinator at CyberWal

Lutgart Claes
Director General at SHAPE International School

Honorary Major General Air Force